The Road Trip is completed. We are back in Pennsylvania. Thus begins the work of culling the titanic amount of footage we shot from the 17 cars we reviewed during the cross-country journey, in addition to writing/recording narratives, history, jokes, songs, and piecing it all together into a worthy review. But until we can get to Season 3 of RCR, we have to finish up Season 2 first with the two LA cars (along with three other vehicles we did prior to the Road Trip, and yes, I'm going to keep capitalizing Road Trip).

But until then, you can check out our 10-part series of vlogs on the Road Trip itself, including a pretty big spoiler on one of the cars we'll be doing, along with assorted silliness, occasional insight, a live, in-car review of a 1981 Porsche 911 SC, and special guests, including Tim (whose Dodge Avenger we reviewed in our most twisted video) and Chris (a Porsche owner who's probably forgotten more about cars than I'll ever know).


All 10 parts are embedded below:

ALSO: For those confused by all the talk about "seasons," Mr. Regular has separated all the episodes into playlists categorized by "seasons." Season 1 is everything before we made YouTube partner, Season 2 is Outback — L.A., and Season 3 will presumably be the first post-L.A. car through ??? Anyway, we're both stoked to have you on this journey with us. We never could have gone on the road trip nor could we have met so many awesome people (seriously awesome fucking people) without you guys. So we'll do our best to pay you back by delivering a third season worthy of your investment.

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